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Adoption Application

Please complete the below application in it's entirety to be added to the waiting list.
Once you have submitted your application, you should hear back from me within one week.
Waiting list is just that.. a waiting list.  Approximate wait as of April 2019 is 6 months.
First Name
Last Name
City & State
Phone Number
How did you hear about us?
Tell us why you want a Boston Terrier?
Name & Phone Number of your veterinarian.
Are you allowed to have a dog where you live?
How long with your new dog be home alone?
Will this dog be for a pet or breeding?
Which Registry do you want? AKC, CKC or Both?
Do you want Limited (Pet) or Full (Breeding) registration?
Where will this Boston sleep?
Do you have Children? (list ages)
Do you have other pets? If so, list types, breeds, ages...
Do you have a fenced backytard? If not, what are your plans for elimination and exercise?
Can you dedicate 10-15 years to your Boston?
Will you be able to give your Boston 15-30 minutes of moderate exercise per day?
What gender are you interested in?
Have you owned a Boston Terrier before?
Under what circumstances do you think you would ever have to give up your Boston and not keep him/her? (i.e. excessive barking, digging, moving, etc.)
Would you be interested in a retired adult?
Do you prefer a specific color or pattern?
Email Address
Anything else you would like us to know?